We know there are many ways to grow and progress beyond just managing people. In a start-up we want, and need, to encourage people to develop their careers in lots of different ways. For these reasons we have 3 'tracks' for your career progression and you can be on any available track, progressing along the path upwards, or moving horizontally between the competencies where your interests take you.

Our three Tracks

Why do we have these tracks?

Every role has a mix of technical, entrepreneurial, and managerial responsibilities; this is true across every level of the team and across every function in Whereby. We expect everyone to be working on some competencies in all of the tracks while progressing and developing their skills in their role.

Similarly, some roles may lean more obviously towards a certain track (e.g. engineering = technical). Technical doesn't just mean coding however; it can mean technical design-skills, your ability to source candidates as a recruiter, or your accountancy skills if you work in the finance team.

We know everyone has their personal strengths, and those strengths tend to align with one of the specific tracks above. We've built these paths for you so that you can be develop and be promoted based on your strengths and natural interests. We also want to create space for members of our team who want to develop, grow, and progress, without the requirement to manage anyone (which most of us will never do in our time at Whereby!)

<aside> 📌 Building out these tracks is based on a philosophy of strength-based performance reviews, which you can read more about at the bottom of this page.


Progression Tracks FAQ