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Our mission is to become worlds the most loved video platform. 💘

Photo by Michael Fousert on Unsplash

Photo by Michael Fousert on Unsplash

⚖️ Whereby's Values: Our ETHOS

It’s relatively easy to agree which values we share but without distinctiveness, even meaningful values lack power. We believe we've worked to find inspiring ways to say them, because having these shared values gives us alignment, empowerment, and amplifies our impact. For this reason, we have created the Whereby ETHOS.

<aside> ♻️ Together, each of these values provides us with an easy way for us to recall and use these crucial values everyday: E, T, H, O and S... the Whereby ETHOS.


Ethically Ambitious

Our ethical commitments are continuous and tangible. We strive to be a company that raises the bar and makes its people proud.

This doesn’t mean we’re ethically immaculate. But we never shy from difficult conversations and we make all decisions transparently.

Trust Trust

We trust by default. This means assuming best intentions and giving people space and freedom from day one, not asking them to earn it.

It doesn’t mean we stop paying attention. If things go wrong, we work together openly to reset expectations and re-align around shared goals.

Human First

We consider the whole human, beyond any one goal or moment. It helps us to support each other, and our customers, more meaningfully.

But ‘Human First’ doesn’t mean ‘work last’. Looking after people’s broader needs also improves our productivity because we have balance.

Outwit & Outgrit

To create serious change, we have to dig deeper and think smarter. Grit, resilience and creativity are the hallmarks of the underestimated.

This doesn’t mean we burn ourselves out. It means we’re smart about where and when we push harder and when to be kinder to ourselves.