Hooray – a baby on the way!

This policy outlines the benefits and rights you have in regards to welcoming a new member of your family, whether that be as parents adopting or as birth-parents to a child.


<aside> 📌 This policy applies to all core team members. It does not apply to contingent or auxiliary team.


<aside> 🗣 This policy does not form part of any employee's contract of employment and we may amend it at anytime. If your situation is specific or unclear, please get in touch with the exec or ops team to discuss.


Qualifying Week

The date we measure all maternity, paternity, and adoption leave by is 12 weeks before the expected due date (or the date planned for adoption) (~3 months).

What does this mean?

Rather than say, "you require one year service on your due date"

We say, "you require one year service from the qualifying week."

This give us a much clearer date to measure from. We can be flexible if someone is very close to falling into one entitlement or the other.

Who is entitled to Maternity, Paternity and Adoption?

<aside> 📆 The amount of leave is determined based on your length of service or by law, and these conditions may vary based on country of residence.


Depending on which country your employment contract is agreed within, we will "top up" your statutory amounts to 100% of your pay for the periods of:

Entitlement for parental leave

All enhanced leave must be approved by your manager and the ops team:

If your country's statutory amount is higher than this, you will always be entitled to that full amount.