Because we work globally, with an emphasis on your freedom to work remotely in the country or location of your choosing, we have some complexities (and options!) around how you are engaged to work in our team.

We currently operate our employment contracts in the three geographic regions where we have business entities:

This means, if you live in any of these countries, you are able (if you choose) to be directly employed by Whereby as an employee in one of our entities.

<aside> 🌍 As we grow, we hope to add additional entities where we can employee Whereby team members. This process can take up to 12 months and will be considered when we reach a critical mass in any one country.


Live elsewhere?

No problem - we have a few options available to you. 🙌

For our distributed team you may have a contract as an independent contractor and we will send your monthly payment in only these currencies: USD, EUR, GBP, NOR.

You can be employed as an independent contractor under your own company, or as a sole-trader. You will be responsible for your own income tax, pensions, and other benefits in this instance.

<aside> 📌 Please note, you will be responsible for your own tax in your country of residence in any cross-border instances and we strongly encourage you to speak to a tax advisor.


If you have the right to work in the EU, until the completion of the 2020 Brexit transition period at this stage, you can be employed on a UK employment agreement and work cross-border..)

If you require a visa:

<aside> 📌 Our general rule is that we do not sponsor or obtain visas or right to work on your behalf unless required for business (or privacy/security) purposes.


For further detail on visas, please read Visas & right to work

Variants of Contracts

Employer of Record (Remote)