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Last edit: 3 Feb 2021

Whereby is committed to being ethically ambitious - and one area we do our best to go above and beyond is in the field of privacy and security. We work with many customers who work in sensitive and regulated industries such as child-education and healthcare, and we take their safety online seriously. Due to this, we have made the decision to perform certain checks on all of our hires in certain areas to ensure we are meeting our legal and ethical obligations for our customers.

<aside> 🔍 We perform background checks on certain roles. For more information about how and why we carry out background checks, this document is a great starting point. For anything further, please email [email protected] or your recruiter.


Checks we perform

We only perform those checks which we deem required for each job role, and we never use this information outside of the initial vetting process and after you have been offered a role in our team.

Depending on your role, we may request to perform:

Basic Role Checks (Optional, depending on circumstance) Identification and right to work

Executive and Director References, Identification verification, Criminal Record, Fraud & Insolvency, Adverse Media, Sanctions Check

Finance, Commercial and Revenue Identification, Financial & Insolvency, Sanctions, Education

Engineering Roles Identification, Address, Sanctions

Security and High Sensitivity Roles References, Identification, Criminal (if applicable), Financial & Insolvency, Adverse Media, Address, Sanctions, Education

Service we use

We partner with a service called Zinc. They are a GDPR compliant and highly-trusted provider of tech-enabled referencing which should be painless and seamless.

Important information:

Who can see my references? The person who requested the reference can see the information. The data will show up on your profile and you have control over whether this information is public or private. This process enables you to own and prove the validity of this information throughout the rest of your career.

Can I delete a reference? Once a reference has been collected, it will be displayed on your profile. You can set your profile or individual references to private so that nobody can see it. If you wish for your data to be deleted permanently please email: [email protected].