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<aside> 💡 This page outlines the benefits for our core members.


Because we work globally, with an emphasis on your freedom to work remotely in the country or location of your choosing, we have some differences in our benefits offering. We currently operate our employment contracts in the three geographic regions where we have business entities:

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Variations in Benefits

Our current benefits are a snapshot of the current statutory laws in those countries. By law we are required to provide certain benefits in those areas and in the contracts.

We do the very best we can to ensure our policies, perks, and guidelines are consistent across all of our entities, but benefits is one area where we are yet to do much work in making a consistent approach. For this reason, there is lots of work to be done, and we hope to improve our benefit offering in 2021/2022.

As we continue to grow and explore more benefits we will update this page with more supplement benefits in time. If there are more questions, please reach out to our People Partners and Recruiters.

All Locations

Home office stipend

Everyone in our team is offered a generous budget for their home office and computer set up. Read more here: Working Environment & Equipment Stipend

Uncapped holidays

Everyone in our team is offered uncapped holiday days. You can read more about that here Vacation, Holiday, Time Off