<aside> πŸ’‘ A few notes on interpretation of this page and its sub-pages... Please take your time to read them, as they're important to understand the broader document. If you have any questions, please speak directly to @Jessica Zwaan or your People Partner.


Keep in mind πŸ’­

We believe in transparency and trust, but appreciate that information about compensation can be sensitive. Some of our team may have different levels of understanding of these principles, and it is easy to take the information you're reading here out of context. Please remember to consider this information not as a reflection of your individual worth, but as:

<aside> πŸ’š Your compensation is not a reflection of your personal worth, or your importance in the Whereby team. If you have any concerns about the respect we show for you as a member of the team, please let us know in any way which feels most safe. πŸ’š


πŸ’« Our Guiding Principles

Whereby is committed to building a high-performing team with a commitment to equity, and globally distributed working. We know it's crucial to have an explicit and fair approach to compensating our team members for their work; we have therefore made the decision to document and publish these guiding compensation principles. These give our team autonomy to understand and navigate their (and their team’s) compensation.

What is considered Compensation?