Our recruitment process at Whereby is pretty long. We like to give each new member of our team a thorough introduction to us, and we like to get a thorough understanding of them too.

We make our interview process quite long because we really believe in the power of hiring exceptional people into the roles which are: best for them, at a time in our company's history where they'll make the most impact.

Another reason we also screen thoroughly is because we give everyone in our team a huge amount of trust and autonomy from day 1. 🙌

Everyone joins Whereby with a full tank of trust.

We believe in the smarts, honesty, and capabilities of everyone in our team from the day they start.

Read more about our ETHOS and Values here: Vision, mission & values


Because of this, we don't have too many restrictive policies and procedures. Our People Ops, Finance, and Ops teams will create guidelines and offer tools to guide your good decision-making process, but we believe that most of our team are capable of making great decisions themselves, without long lists of rules and policies.

We also don't believe in micro-managing the ways you do things too much, so we try our hardest to avoid rigid policy and process, and prefer to give you lots of tools to do things in a way which works best for you and your team.

You can find all of our guidelines here in Whereby Everywhere-HQ

However, if you read and remember one policy document, read this one:

Whatever you are doing, do whatever you believe is in the best interest of Whereby.

That's it. That's the policy.

It may seem pretty straight forward, but to make sure everyone understands...

What if...

You are bottlenecked in a process and need to purchase some stock images for an email launch?

Do whatever you believe is in the best interest of Whereby. If that means cracking out the Pleo card and paying for the images to keep the project rolling, go ahead. You do not need to ask permission to do your job the way you believe is best to do it.

You've been struggling with SEO and you see an SEO virtual event later that day... can you move your meetings and sit in on the event?

Do whatever you believe is in the best interest of Whereby. If that means changing your calendar around to prioritise your learning at crucial moments, please do. As long as you're on top of what you need to do, and communicating with those expecting things of you, do what you believe is the best thing for the team long-term.